Doc Jones – #52Tuesdays

New Song Every Tuesday of 2013

What is #52Tuesdays? Every Tuesday of 2013 Doc Jones has committed to releasing something new. That means 52 songs released in the year 2013. At the end of this year Doc will take the best songs and release a two albums for the first and second half. Your public opinion will play a major part in deciding which songs make the albums. So make sure you like and comment on your favorite tracks via soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Doc has recently released the first album of the best songs from the first half. So far we have pressed up 1000 cds and currently passing them out as we minister around Las Vegas and beyond. If you would like to participate in distributing powerful God music to the youth of our nation, find more information here.

Below you will find various outlets for downloading and listening to the free music of #52Tuesdays. If you would like to download the entire collection we suggest using Doc’s Bandcamp site at

Video Releases

The Second Half

The First Half

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